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Changing Characters

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Changing Characters Empty Changing Characters

Post by Crimzen on Mon May 07, 2012 8:14 am

If you would like to change characters, here's some steps on how to change correctly.

1. Ensure you don't have a mate, adopted pup, or pups. If you do you cannot change. If you have changed within three months, you may not change.

2. Ask Crimzen. This is EXTREMELY important, since if you go ahead and kill your character in the RP without asking him you will be stuck like that, or will have to bring your old character back to life.

3. Realize what you are loosing. If you have trained with that character, all Tempest Gems & Kazakage Trust will be lost.

4. Repost your form on WQ. It is vital to repost your form so Crimzen doesn't forget.

5. Get rid of your character. Please either kill your old character or get them to leave the pack.

6. When killing your character or having them leave the pack, this goes for everyone DO NOT go overboard. It can be a bit dramatic but don't be overly dramatic, to where others a jumping off the cliff with you or stuff like that.

7. Enjoy RPing your new character and do not ask for a change for another 3 months.

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